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CAA Quebec MasterCard® credit card

The CAA Quebec MasterCard® credit card is issued by MBNA Canada.


Introductory Rate: Please refer to online application legal disclosures.
Time Period:
Rate Applied To:
Additional Details:
Regular APR:
Variable or Fixed:
Variable APR's are based on the Prime Rate or the 1 month LIBOR.
Annual Fee: 0
Annual Fee Details:
Application Fee:
Participation Fee:
Reload Fee:
Inactive Fee:
Total First Year Fees:
Type Of Rewards: Rebate
Be sure to read the card's for more details.


Overall Rating: 3.0
Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 based on customers who successfully applied for this card.
The CAA Quebec MasterCard® credit card rewards you for every dollar you spend at the pump, as well as on everyday purchases. When you use your CAA Quebec MasterCard® credit card, you will earn a .5% rebate in CAA-Quebec Dollars on the net value of each retail purchase. When purchasing gas at participating Couche-Tard outlets using your CAA Quebec MasterCard® credit card, you will earn 2¢ of CAA-Quebec Dollars for every litre of gas when you show your CAA-Quebec membership. You will also receive an additional 2% rebate on all other qualifying purchases made with your CAA Quebec MasterCard®, including gas, at participating Couche-Tard outlets - for a total rebate of 2.5%. This credit card requires a CAA Quebec membership before applying. In addition to a great rewards program, the CAA Quebec MaterCard® credit card also offers several other benefits. Enjoy a low 3.99% introductory interest rate for 6 months on Cheque Cash Advances and Balance Transfers. Other benefits include no annual fee, online access to your credit card account, and unparalleled 24-hour customer service. You can also enjoy international acceptance at millions of locations, cash access at over 430,000 ABMs, a high credit line, around-the-clock fraud protection, and emergency credit card replacement. This card is only available to residents of Canada.
This review was updated:


Type Of Rewards: Rebate
Reward Program Optional: No
Optional programs may have a fee. See for details.
For Cards with Rebates Incentives
Lowest Possible Rebate: 0.5%
Highest Possible Rebate: 2%
Additional Rebates: When you use your credit card to pay for a gasoline purchase at participating Couche-Tard outlets, youll earn an additional 2% rebate on all your purchases including gas for a total rebate of 2.5% When you show your CAA-Quebec membership card when paying at a participating Couche-Tard retailer, you earn a rebate in CAA-Quebec Dollars of 2¢ per litre of gasoline, and of 3% on all your other purchases.
Rebate Details: Earn a 0.5% rebate in CAA-Quebec Dollars on the net value of every retail purchase that you charge to your CAA-Quebec MasterCard® account.
For Cards with Points Incentives
Points Per Dollar Spent:
Additional Points:
Point Details:
For Cards with Miles Incentives
Miles Per Dollar Spent:
Additional Miles:
Program Details:
Rewards Expiration Period:
This period applies to all rebate, point and reward programs.
Annual Limit:


See website for additional benefits.

Special Notations about the CAA Quebec MasterCard® credit card:

Always read the credit card's before applying!


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